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Drama Eater

Hey guys,

My name is Anthony Jones. I'm a lead concept artist at a small gaming company called Crazy Pixel Productions, and this is my first post here on Creature Spot. This Image is a drawing I did during the after hours of work, and did it for a good friend who was going through some hard times. lol its cute to make her smile, but kinda mean to have the ability to eat drama lol anyways its not that clever but it worked. Anyways, I'll try be sure to post more furious looking creatures soon. Anyway glad to be a part of the forum!



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Reader Comments (1)

Nice creature! Nice gesture to your friend too :)

When I tried to go to your website, my Bitdefender antivirus app blocked it, saying the server on that address was trying to install following virus on my system:
You might want to check this with your host ;)
Hope this helps!

June 25, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJohan Derycke

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