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This is a creature from Filipino folk tales. Its a type of vampire that love to eat babies still in their mother's womb. Hope you guys like it :)


man its been a while since I visited .. soo much cool work..

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    Why we will like it is this a good creature that is having the good kinds of the deeds for humans. Instead of saying that you will like you should have to say that hope you will hate it. Now this is sounding positive buddy.

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I like the overall pose of this baby-eater, and that one babe leg has a cartoon-ish 50's sexiness that adds real appeal. I also like the general treatment of the back/shoulder area, and the head/face. The colours are nice, too.. and I love the creamy sworling texture of the ground surface.

However... the image stumbles with that foreground arm. I think I see what you were shooting for structurally at the arm/elbow bend, with these rather interesting bands of skin, but the way you did it isn't reading properly. You made a critical error in the perspective of the forearm, and it's wreaking havoc with our understanding. Just compare that join with the other arm, and I think you'll quickly see what I mean. You have that forearm oriented so that it's coming toward us -- which is consistent with the stance of the beast -- but then, at the bend, you have the form of the forearm shifting perspective as if it were going down and back (headed toward the hip). See what I mean? So, instead of us getting to understand and enjoy these cool fleshy ribbons that appear there, the impression of that description is that you were trying to show bounced light and just blew it in this exaggerated way. The perspective error came together with this moment of anatomical interest in this unfortunate collision that leaves the eyes confounded. It should be an easy fix, you'll get to explore how that smooth fold of muscle wraps around the forearm, and -- considering how positively it'll affect the image -- I think you should do it! :)

Of course, I only mention all this because I do like all these other things that're going on in the image, but that one error will negatively affect anyone that looks at this, whether they're aware of it or not. That's a lot of words to describe what one little line could show you and you'd instantly understand. If you have any question about it at all, I'd be happy to do a quick draw-over and send it. Cheers!

October 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam B. Hand

Thanks William :)

I will definitely make those changes and re-post the new version. I am glad you caught that coz sometimes I just focus on the concept that I neglect my structure. The good thing is you caught it and you knew exactly what the problem was and how to solve it.
Thanks again for letting me know.


October 25, 2010 | Registered CommenterAnthony Francisco

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