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Paizo Creatures

Just a few quick creatures/characters for Paizo Publishing done about 5 months ago..


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Mike, I like that stalactite creature there -- I think it's selling the form and volume the best of these. It's good to see that you're continuing to tread through the harrowing brambles of colour and painting, although I'm sensing something of a stumbling... The general flatness of these pics belies your proven ability to imagine and render three-dimensionality as is clearly evidenced in other digi-paints you've posted as well as your multitude of drawings. Since these were for someone else's project I suppose that explains the more hackneyed fantasy themes and structural solutions, but these just feel like they were products of stiff, grunting, arduous work -- not the natural ash of a burning creative exploration. I've struggled (and continue to struggle) lots with trying to bridge this gap between showing form with line and showing it with blobs and smears of colour or tone, and I'd be interested in starting a bit of a dialogue with you about it. So, you know... Drop me an e.note with a nod. Or tell me to shove off, I suppose would also be an option. :P

October 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam B. Hand

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