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Close Encounter


First of all, i'd like to congratulate the Creature Spot community for the awesome and inspiring pictures that have been posted here. Very talented people!

My name is Clement Renaudin and i'm working in a visual effects compagny in Paris. I've drawn these during my free time. I'm really into fantastic, science-fiction and creatures so i'd like to share some .

There will be more in the future.

I hope you 'll enjoy .

(my blog : FlatClem )


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Reader Comments (4)

very creative stuff! welcome to the site :)

November 28, 2010 | Registered CommenterDavi Blight

Awesome stuff, Clement! The first image has a wonderful old school science fiction pulp cover feel, with the creature's bug eyes and tentacles. The second one is very strange, in a good way. The symbol-shaped teeth is a fascinating feature. The last image is my favorite. The design is weird and wonderfully exotic, and the vivid colors are striking.
If you don't mind a critique, your human figures aren't quite up to the level of your creatures and rock textures. Excellent work overall, though.

November 30, 2010 | Registered CommenterCory Trego-Erdner (Moai)

The narrative moment of that top pic is really great. I love the compositional flow of it, the creepiness of those eyes, and the humor. By the time you reach the puff of breath, it feels almost animated or sequential. Very satisfying. Cool textures too! :)

The Lovecraftian house a'fire I like most for that storm of flames. The creature just makes me think of Lucky Charms. :P

The bottom pic... my attentions are bandied about quite a bit between the shield, ribbons, knee runners, and the mountains -- it's quite a compositional tug-of-war. Those ribbons are really cool, as are the textures.

That top one just kills me. I love looking at that!

December 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam B. Hand

Thank you guys ! Thats is really nice of you.
Thank you Davi for the welcome. I really like some of your concepts, the trijaw, the table guy... great ideas !
William you did speak well about those three pictures :] . I usually try to put my characters into a situation that can be believable ... or not . i think great ideas can come from that concept . I'm not sure it works for me every time, but at least i try :] .By the way, i loooooove your Anatomical abstractions. You've got a really cool blog though.

December 1, 2010 | Registered CommenterClement Renaudin

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