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The Morae River - Solo Exhibition 

Wasn't sure if I should post something like this....

This November I will be having a solo exhibition at Sagebrush Cafe.

The show will be up from November 20th to February 11th. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, Nov. 20th and 5pm if anyone can make it out to see the show! It will be lots of fun and I’m very excited to be showing in this space as it belongs to an amazing friend of mine. The work I will be displaying will all be fore sale and I will have smaller unframed prints as well. If you live in the L.A. area, Sagebrush is very easy to get to. If you live in the area I hope you can make it out to see the show – there will be plenty of good drinks!

also, I noticed that for some reason I posted Battlecat like 3 seperate times. Sorry about that, there must have been a file name problem or my short term memory is failing. :P probably the second one...Thanks!

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Reader Comments (2)

Congrats Brynn, I'm sure the show will be great! Your works are an endless source of inspiration ;)
Too bad I'm on the other side of the planet ehehe!

November 9, 2010 | Registered CommenterLoden

Nice job on the poster, Brynn -- Lovely creature study and great font and colour choices! Were I in the area, I'd come to this for sure. Thanks for posting!

November 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam B. Hand

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