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Hey, everyone! Long time no see. I'm enrolled in TAD now, so I haven't had time to do any in depth, finished creature rendering. However, I have been sketching, as you can see, and I've become quite enamored with pen and ink.

This last image is part of a project I'm slowly developing. It's a strange sci-fi reimagining of the Super Mario universe. These are goombas.:)

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Reader Comments (3)

Cory! There you are! :P These are wonderful! I always love your sketches. The Mario idea is super fun and awesome!
Post more soon :) Hope classes are going well for you.

August 17, 2010 | Registered CommenterBrynn Metheney

Hey dude! Rocking the shit out of those inks. I was pleasantly surprised to see the scythe armed guy, but the rest of these are like the multiple cherries on the sundae. I too, like Brynn hope everything's going well in the T.A.D. Saw your acting by the way, almost convincing. ;D
Great to see you man.

August 18, 2010 | Registered CommenterDavid Melvin

Master Creature artist.......................
would love to continue to see these rough pen thumbnails and sketches Cory.. awesome shit bro!

August 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMike Corriero

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