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A few little beasties, and such.

Hey guys! Lots goin on lately, but I wanted to stop in and say hi and see what all's gone up on the board - and there's SO much! Y'all are all so awesome, the work here is such a great reservoir of inspiration for more critters! Until then, though, here's some stuff I made. :3

Pakicetus and Company

I adore prehistoric whales. You don't even know! :P

Once upon a time, there were no herbivorous mammals- but there were hoofed mammals - ungulates. Pakicetus is a member of an extinct line of ungulates that were carnivorous - so although they look like dogs, they're actually more closely related to sheep and hippos.

And yes, they are actually one of the basal ancestors of whales. How do we know? In the inner ear of Pakicetus is a specific feature endemic to their family group, which no other group of animals share- except modern whales! CRAZY.

These guys lived in what is now Pakistan 55-40 million years ago, and during that time, the Indian subcontinent had yet to plow into Asia (creating the Himalayas), so until then, these guys had a nice beachfront where they could frolic and eat fishies in the warm shallow lagoons. :D

Notice they already had the long fish-catching snout and high-rotated eye sockets on top of their head, perfect for breathing while swimming!

This is a painting done for The Games We Play show in San Francisco, which was up from March-April 2011.

Some sketches of some of my favorite species laid out in a remotely chronological fashion.

Commissions. Sometimes I take them. Sometimes they're creatures.

A kelpie.

A gryphon.

A corgi gryphon! It came to me while sketching the serious gryphon. I had to finish it! XD

Original Peeps

I've been doing a lot of thinking about my older characters lately... so I've been slowly working toward updating their designs. Here's my aquatic ambush predator guy, Hai.

And I've been slowly nudging my way ahead with my original children's book, Dinosaurs Before Bedtime.

In the story, the Clevenger Kids go on a magical adventure through prehistoric time on a quest to reach the Mesozoic before mom declares lights out. But there's so many critters that came before dinos!

Cambrian Bubbles

Here's Clive and Clifford Clevenger plunking down into the seas of the Cambrian Burgess Shale and frolicking with some cute little Marrella.

Since most of the book (and evolution) takes place underwater, how to keep the kids from drowning?

Dunkleosteus Attack!

Look, the Clevenger Kids made a friend!
Don't worry though, Chloe's GOT THIS, SON.
She takes on Dunkleosteuses for breakfast.

And speaking of children's books, my first published work, The Journey of the Noble Gnarble, will be out in stores October 1st, 2011! It's written by Daniel Errico and illustrated by myself. I got to design all the critters for it! Fun!

Here's a few previews. Not the final design with approved type and such, but that's the cover art.

Meet the Gnarble! He lives on the bottom of the sea, but dreams of seeing the sunshine.

The Gnarble is a little bitch. XD

Rescued by the Glimmy!

Spoiler alert!

Well that's all for now, but I have a bunch more in the works! Hope you likey



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Reader Comments (3)

Wow! What a treat for the end of the weekend!
Breathtaking work: so much vibrant life has been evoked with your style.

I particularly like the studies on the evolution of the water mammals.
Reminded me of learning in school about the path various creature populations took to arrive at their current forms.
That area of study is very exciting and meaningful to me, as well.
I would love a comprehensive view of our planets eco-timeline.

So FUN! Thanks again!

July 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterrobb

Great update, lots of really lovely work well done. I especially like the Gryphon character.

The last four are amazing and the last illustration works especially perfect for a spread. I love it!

July 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNatalie Russo

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