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Noxious Exhalations of the Putrescent (AKA, Miasma) 

Hi Creature Enthusiasts!!!

Finally got to finish this one off. I had a lot of fun using Zbrush's Dynamesh with this one for the duplicate arms.

First post of 2012 !!!

More images of the process can be seen at my ZBrush Central thread here

A turntable of this model can be seen here

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Reader Comments (2)

Great stuff again Maury! Sculpt is awesome as always but the atmosphere and lighting for this one is eerily cool. What do you draw from for your fine smoke? Easy trick or as laborious as it looks? Either way the detail takes it over the top!

January 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSARDEANIE


The smoke is fairly quick. I found a great smokey picture which I always use as a base, give it a paint daubs filter, then gaussian blur so it doesn't look like paint daubs (lol), then I'll do Hue/Saturation to bring it into the color palette I'm using. The final touches were a few photographic elements from smoke coming off of cigarettes. Every time I create using photo images, I save them into a folder I named "stock_Images", and pull from it in future paintings, this way, I am familiar with my reference sources. If you want me to send you the smoke image I almost always use as my base, drop me a line to my email: and I'll gladly share it.

Thanks for the comment and inquiry on the smoke :D

January 18, 2012 | Registered CommenterMauricio Ruiz Design

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