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The South Side Man Eater

Hey everyone! Really enjoying all of the amazing work being posted to the blog these days! I'm always so inspired by the art here. Here is a new piece I created for an upcoming show in Berlin, Germany. I've included the flyer down below if you want more info on it. I'm very honored to be included in the show!

This is The South Side Man Eater, also known as Moxy. She's the female Ungal that terrorizes the South Side of a city called Daronn.

The Ungal are heavy set creatures with a muscular, compact build to take down large game alone. They are skilled hunters, mostly stalking prey at night with deadly accuracy and without leaving much of a trace. Moxy has been stalking the South Side neighborhoods for years and has adapted well to the area. The South Side of Daronn is a labyrinth of alley ways and overcrowded buildings, making it impossible to locate the creature and giving her the upper hand. 

Many have speculated that Moxy was kept as a pet or might have been used for sport in Ungal Fighting. She might have been released or could have escaped only to end up making the South Side of Daronn her new home. Because of her interaction with humans from an early age, she is extremely brave and almost playful with her victims, sometimes dragging them through the street in plain sight. She is extremely aggressive and unpredictable. Her reputation has brought her some fame in the North West side of the city where a neighborhood pub has taken the name “Moxy” in hopes that it might help appease to her terror.

Created exclusively for “Villains and Assassins” – A Group Show

Strychnin Gallery – Berlin, Germany

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Reader Comments (2)

Nice one, Brynn!

July 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWilliam B. Hand

I Love it! So cool.

July 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterRudy Rodriguez

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