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Dino Quick Sketch 

Not really a creature per say, but if you ever came across a lizzard or dragon and had a hard time doing the head, this might be helpful.  I did this sketch in one hour from a sphere, and in the video you can see the under lying forms used, and maybe someone here might be able to do something with that.  

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Reader Comments (1)

I cant tell you sir how many times that I have watched your zbrush video I think its the best
around, I am learning zbrush and I hope one day to be able to do work like this (love dinos)
thank you for posting this and I look forward to see more of your amazing art.
p.s. if you have any more dino videos done in zbrush around, can you plz let me know
All the best to you
Lou Mareo

November 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLou

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