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Hey everyone,

This was a fun painting I did for Helpful Bear Productions Creature Design Contest on facebook. The contest revolved around Kaiju's, obviously, and this was my entry.

I wanted my Kaiju to be ancient, and resemble ancient fish and amphibians that roamed the earth millions of years ago. Nicknamed Hammerhead, he has renamed mostly dormant for the millions years he has existed, gaining sustenance from the whale and other carcasses that fall to the ocean floor. Hammerhead has only recently become active due to human activity. With whaling and fishing reducing the population of the oceans creatures, Hammerhead has lost his food supply which has sustained him for millions of years. It's under these circumstances that Hammerhead has become a threat to humanity. Acting very much like an ambush predator, Hammerhead now uses his massive head to destroy unaware ships in order catch the food he needs to nourish himself.

Anyways, thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoy!

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