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- Helpful Bear Production's Launchs Kaiju Creature Design Contest, Judged By Terryl Whitlatch  


Goron Cave Guard

My take on what a real Goron might look like. If you haven't played the Legend of Zelda games, Gorons are a humanoid race of rock people inhabiting Hyrule. They eat rocks and typically dwell in caves and mountain ranges. Despite their hulking appearance, Gorons are a peaceful species.

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some creature dudes



DarkSkies Series: Blaylock the World Merchant

This is another character from the Darkskies world that I just finished.

Blaylock is 9 inches tall, sculpted with Super Sculpey and painted with acrylic.


Ruminian Priestess

Dwelling deep in the forests, ruminians are an extremely shy sapient race. They have keen senses so it is very rare to ever see one. Ruminians are herbivorous, very spiritual and generally peaceful. Their coats usually come in shades of brown and grey, but white is the rarest and revered in the ruminian culture. White ruminians often hold a holy status. What you are witnessing is most likely a ruminian priestess.


Anuran Warrior

Indigenous Specimen F-706 - Upon arrival to the planet we've discovered an amphibious hunter gatherer species...





Locusti Priest


Once a month, one of the 12 Grand Priests of the Golden Caelifer goes on an annual pilgrimage. He is accompanied by a swarm of locusts that are drawn to his shrill ululations. 
While the Locusti priests see the swarm as a blessing from the Golden One, the rest of the lands fear them because of all the destruction they bring to their crops.The priests are paid large sums of gold and valuables by the surrounding villages to avoid passing through them while on their holy journey.
The Locusti are the richest cult in the world.




Orc designs created during Andrew Baker's phoenix class

Hello, and happy hollidays!


Here's a few designs I created while attending Andrew Baker's class over at phoenix atelier.

A big thanks to Andrew Baker for teaching this course! It was a great experience learning from this very cool and talented guy =)


Goblin doodle


I ate Santa

"I ate Santa, and all your candy canes too."

A little Holiday treat for everyone, I hope you all have a Happy Holiday!




Ghost Warrior mixed media sketch

It's always fun to just sketch once in a while and use a handful of different media to create an image. In this video, I am using pencils, markers, and paint to create a drawing. I hope you enjoy it.


A Spider and a Dragon and Hello!

I'm mightily honored to join such a fabulous group of artists here - fabulous in all senses, clearly! I've long admired this site... a great gathering. If I try to find my brain, it'll take me even longer to post, so, here's a Dragon Woman in Kato Polyclay, about 12" tall:

And, bust of a Goblin Spider (homage to a tiny 19th century 'crepe-paper' Japanese fairy-tale book, though looking entirely different). Goblin Spider was underway in this pic. She went off to a Grand-Guignol show at the Century Guild Gallery (very cool place!) in LA with a mouse in her mouth, and when she returns she'll go into resin:

Thank so much for the invite, Davi!! Most honored!


Magic the Gathering: “Gahiji, Honored One”

Early this year, I was approached by Wizards of the Coast to paint a Magic Card. This was my first card for the game and I was really quite excited to have the opportunity to create work for it! You can click for larger views of the images below: 

While designing Gahiji, I looked to quite a few different animals for inspiration: babirusa, big cats, bongos and parrots. He needed to feel god-like, majestic and powerful, yet plausible; like something that could live and breathe in the jungle.

This card was released in early November as part of the Commander Series. It comes as a large foil card and regular sized card as well. I was very excited to see him fetatured on the insert as well! :) 

Special thanks to Jeremy, my AD for the project. More new work on the way!  


Digimon: Skullgreymon

Here everyone, here is Skullgreymon. I had fun with this one, it took a while but I can finally say that I am pretty happy with it.


Nemette(Nightlands series)

Here's the beginning of a series of work to be compiled into a book sometime in the (hopefully not to distant) future...

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