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- Helpful Bear Production's Launchs Kaiju Creature Design Contest, Judged By Terryl Whitlatch  


ding dong dailies, a few more from the past week or so.

Turns out that doing these after a busy day at work can be challenging, so not all will get posted, some will remain as studies or sketches in the safety of my sketchbook.  :)



Noxious Exhalations of the Putrescent (AKA, Miasma) 

Hi Creature Enthusiasts!!!

Finally got to finish this one off. I had a lot of fun using Zbrush's Dynamesh with this one for the duplicate arms.

First post of 2012 !!!

More images of the process can be seen at my ZBrush Central thread here

A turntable of this model can be seen here


Space Host

This is soemthing I finished a few weeks back.

Inspired by Nirasawa/Talkeya's work.

Hope you will enjoy.

She is 12.5 inches tall, plus her organic base, comes with a huge biomech arm, and an alternate human arm with a rhuge plasma riffle.


She is available on ebay under "Space Host".

Thank you all!


Space Leviathan!!!

Hi guys, Happy 2012!

Been a while, thanks Davi for the kind reminder.

Here's my latest.

Space Leviathan, work oin progres, in scuper sculpey.

I'll make it available as a kit , 15 incehs tall.




Face hugger

Hi everybody,

It's very inspiring to come here. There is some amazing stuff. I hope 2012 will be as good as 2011 for creature desgns on CreatureSpot !


Creature Head Studies

Hey everybody, my name is Scott and this is my first post here.  I've been pretty busy this past year settling into a new job in a new town, but I'm excited to share some new stuff in the coming months.  I really enjoy checking out everyone's work, thanks for the inspiration.


Bust and Half Mask


day 6


daily monsters 4 and 5 of 2012


oh my oh my, I am out of practise. Happy new year! Here's some rust-scrubbing daily doodles to get me going again!



Ara Varanus - Ungulates Creatures, Studies and Sprinkled Blends

New stuff.. sketches, doodles, animal studies/modifications, color sketches etc. It's been a while since I posted. Happy New Year guys!






Myopic Thrasher

My last piece of work for 2011 was my first attempt at working traditionally. My digital work has been mistaken as acrylic so I started with acrylic on board. I documented the entire process and you can see all here posts on my blog here: PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE.



Casey Love's new demonstration classes coming soon!

I am very proud to announce this new series of classes. Class will be held at my studio starting January 21st. These are demonstration classes and you will be able to come to my studio and watch creature design demonstrations on how I design my art pieces for shows like Monsterpalooza, FX shops, model kits companies  and the film industry. You will see design sketching, armature making, sculpture in wed clay, super sculpey etc, molding, casting, painting plus much much more. This class will run 6 saturdays starting January 21st - February 25th and its a chance for anyone interested in this kind of art to pick my brain and learn tons of tips, tricks and techniques. Seating is very limited. The class is only $200 per student. Sign ups start this week at or please PM me on this board for more info.
Here are a few quotes from just a few of the amazing and talented people I have had the honor of working with in the FX industry:
"Casey Love is more than just a talented creature artist; he’s more than just an incredible painter and sculptor; Casey is an inspiration.  He’s powerhouse of creativity that challenges all of his peers to step up and accept the responsibility to push the limits of this discipline beyond its comfortable borders.  So don’t just sit there, pick up your sculpting tool and your airbrush and join him!"- Shannon John Shea
"Casey Love has been a staple at ADI on a number of projects. His skill as a designer spans a wide range of subject matter, Whether it is a gorilla, a THING, and alien or a cyborg hitman, Casey has displayed a mastery that puts him front and center of Character Designers."-Alec Gillis
"Casey Love is one of the best creature designers happening today!  He brings talent and enthusiasm to the characters he creates and is versatile in all levels of design from concept through final visualization.  His characters come to life with a pleasing balance of fantasy or horror mixed with realism and emotion."- Tom Woodruff Jr
  "Casey Love is easily one of the most motivated, energetic,  monster maker's  you will find right now!!! His creative approach to his sculptural creature concept's and awesome painting ability has put him in the company of some of the greatest artist's doing there thing right now! I only see more cool stuff coming soon from him."
          - Joey Orosco
Makeup Effects /  Fine Artist .


Happy New Year! 

Wishing everyone (a late Happy Holiday) and Happy New Year! Tear down those decorations and get ready for 2012! :D


Joe Sergant "Innsmouth Bus Driver" by Casey Love

This is a bust concept I made out of super sculpey and painted of Joe Sergant "Bus Driver" from the story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" written by H.P. Lovecraft.