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- Helpful Bear Production's Launchs Kaiju Creature Design Contest, Judged By Terryl Whitlatch  



My new personal work "Empress"


Aliens from MKS

Hi !

Some Alien concept ! from last year .


More is to come !


orcs and lizard men…and cutey dragons

first 2 for Rainy Day Board Games...hen just a little sketch



Inspired by the recent trailer for Godzilla and had to do my own take on the legendary Kaiju! 

Heres the origial pencil drawing and a process gif: 


Here's a detail: 

Thanks for looking! :) 


Foregone Kings

...Here's the piece "Foregone Kings"graphite on arches hot press 300lb watercolor paper 14"x18"....



Hey folks! I wanted to share the announcement for my new sketchbook that will be realeased this year! I'm currently laying it all out to debut st Spectrum Art Live in Kansas City this May. I'm really excited about this book. It will showcase animal studies, sketches for clients, thumbnails and design sketches of my own stuff. It also covers a wide range of media like pencil, ink, watercolor, marker and photoshop.

I'll be sharing more about the book in the coming months. :) Thanks for looking! 


character designs

Hi Creature spot !

This time it's more about character designs, but I hope it interest you too ^^ .

I'm still sculpting with super sculpey firm and fimo :) . 

I recently began a Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram account. 

My blog is regularly updated as well :) !










Numenera - Ninth World Bestiary Creatures

It's been ages since I've posted here, but since the Numenera Bestiary came out recently I figured I should upload them here too! Had a great time working on these as I really like the Numenera universe and I had a lot of freedom to explore it. Enjoy!


The Guardian

Hello guy !!!
Here is a first pose on this year ,My personal work "The Guardian"
Hope you like it.


Numenera Bestiary 

Over the course of last year, I worked with the lovely folks at Monte Cook Games on their Bestiary for their tabletop RPG, Numenera. I always enjoy illustrating creatures for tabletop RPG's. The Monster Manual from Dungeons & Dragons was one of my key inspiration in high school in regards to illustration and fantasy creatures. I've posted up a few of my favorite creatures I illustrated for the Numenera Bestiary but there are plenty more inside the book. You can read more about working on this project on my blog HERE


Thanks for looking! :) 


Alae Falcatae

First time post here on Creature Spot! My name is Kurt Papstein, also known as Ikameka around the net. I'll post a little more about myself later with a proper introduction, but for now here is a new creature!

Alae Falcatae
from tonight's Livestream!

An air born predator. It stays aloft in the upper atmosphere with the high winds. Feeds on other high atmosphere creatures. Alea Falcatae has never been documented on the planet's surface.


Indigenous Deku

An interpretation on what real Deku might look like living deep in the forest. In the Legend of Zelda universe the Deku are a race of humanoid plant-like beings that often co-exist with other races. The term Deku often refers to certain plants or plant based items as well.




Almost complete Wyvern (Draco Minor) Skeleton. 17 inches tall. 

More info here -


3Dtotal Publishing tutorial


Hey everyone.  I created a painting for 3dtotal Publishing for an upcoming booked titled Beginners Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop Elements:

Thanks for looking!


Chuck Lukacs - Kaiju Anthology Interiors

Had a wonderful time with these interiors for Kaiju Rising, so I thought I'd show them.. =) Great group of authors, who had some wonderful takes on the genre'! Ton of fun, hope you dig em..Digital sketch for Of the Earth, Of the Sky, Of the Sea by Paul Genesse & Patrick Tracy - Ragnarok Publications 2013

Digital sketch for The Conversion by David Annandale. Ragnarok Publications 2013

Digital sketch for Devil's Cap Brawl by Edward Erdelac - Ragnarok Publications 2013Digital sketch for Animikii vs. Mishipeshu by CL Werner - Ragnarok Publications 2013 Digital sketch for With Bright Shining Faces by Gini Koch - Ragnarok Publications 2013

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