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Dragon and Deinotherium


Finally managed to draw some creatures again!  Been way too character-focussed for a while.  Dragon is pretty self-explanatory (not finished, but a fun doodle).  Deinotherium is an ancient elephant-like animal that went extinct quite a long time ago.

For full-res versions of these, check out my blog.


Dark Young (Cthulhu)

An interpretation of one of Shub-Niggurath's Dark Young, from H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos




Bat creature.

Here's the finished resin piece.


New Blogger!

Hi all,

My name is Jason Hite; I’m a designer and sculptor with 12 years experience in the product industry. I’ve sculpted for companies like Hasbro, Disney, Marvel, and recently did some work with artist and writer, Clive Barker.  

I’m very honored and excited to be a part of this community of extremely talented artists! Below are some sculptures of personal and professional work.

The one above is a 24" personal piece of a machine reanimating the dead, called Automated Resurrection.

Below is a four feet tall Clive Barker collaboration sculpture. Clive named it; Proteath, The Lord of Changes. If it were alive, each of the faces or appendages would be writhing in a desperate attempt to escape their smug, perverted captor.


Succubus #3



Hi Guys,

Heres another offering.

This is Mumps, he is the second maquette I finished finished in fiberglass. Again he was painted in FW inks and has glass eyes.



Hi All,

I'm new here so I wanted to introduce myself and show you some of my work. My name is Pete Tindall; I am based in greater London and have been playing with creature design for some time now. I tend not to draw as I much prefer to sketch in clay therefore I won't be posting any drawings, only sculpts. I like to work in silicone but have recently done a couple of Fiberglass maquette’s.

Here is my first post on Creature spot, his name is Spud he was sculpted in W,E,D and cast in fiberglass, I painted him with FW inks and the eyes are glass. I hope you like him and I look forward to sharing more of my work with you all over time. please click on the thumbnail to see a larger image.

Kind regards




Monster concept.

 Zbrush and photoshop.



Been awhile, doing alot of studies, trying new things. Here's a piece i did after watching the evil dead series for the first time(gasp! i know!). Just a lil cthuluesque creature, hope you enjoy!


Critters Galore!

Hey crittermakers! the work here gets more and more jaw dropping everytime i visit! XD

here's some beastly work I've finished lately as a project in collaboration with Brynn and Allison:

Ruby Mere-runner: these guys would be medium-sized social predators, in this case a breeding female and her new litter, and that's a yearling female hanging out in the back - all the male young have been chased off into bachelor groups by now :P

Feathertongue Prowhead: i've been doing sketchies for alien critter worlds and i decided to have a family called Prowheads. Part of these went to become the Finlathian YinYang: [link]

but I wanted to diversify the family to include land-going elephantine filter feeders, and eventually other niches too!


and some more work for the Alphabestiary blog:

The Catoplebas

The Catoblepas or Katoblepon is a rather melancholy monster whose name literally means "down-looking" or "heavy-headed." This beast has been mentioned many times in Medieval folklore and the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder first described it in its home on the Nile river in Ethiopia.

The Catoblepas is about the size of a large horse or bull, it moves very slowly because of the weight of its head and enormous horns which are usually held low to the ground. In some interpretations it has the snout, head and tusks of a wild boar, while in others it has a more cow like appearance.

Although not vicious unless provoked, it has dangerous noxious breath, and eyes like a basilisk's which are able to turn any onlookers into stone. The Catoblepas' skin is covered in thick fur and protective scales. It is said to have a heavy mane of hair on its muscular neck and over its eyes. This monster is usually content to graze but if an intruder wanders into its territory its mane will bristle uncovering its eyes and sealing the fate of anyone nearby.

Today it is thought that the Catoblepas might actually have been based on second hand accounts of the Wildebeest, which have been greatly exaggerated over time.


The Dobhar-Chu

Hailing from the rivers and deep lakes of Ireland comes a monster known as the Dobhar-chu. The name Dobhar-Chu when translated from Irish Gaelic literally means "Water-Hound," and is sometimes confused with its close cousin the Pooka (Puca) or "Water-horse."

The Dobhar-Chu has been described differently over time, but the general consensus is that it has a very sleek otter-like appearance, and an enormous dog-like head, with fins like a fish. In some versions of the myth, the Dobhar-Chu has a fish tail and shark teeth. In others, it's more like a huge wiry-haired dog with webbed paws.

In every version of the story, the Dobhar-chu is a maneater that can grow up to seven feet long. The beast has been said to overturn small boats and eat the unsuspecting fishermen inside. A Dobhar-Chu might be hard to spot in the water, but it is easy to hear: it emits a loud shriek that sounds like a young woman as it closes in on its victims.

Half-Dog and half-fish, this monster had its last reported sighting in 2003, but its legacy continues in Irish folklore and in the enthusiasm of cryptid hunters everywhere.


all of these are done with copic markers, on different papers.

yay! more stuff coming soon :D


First post!

heya all,

my name is pascal blanché,

i am 3D artist/concept artist and art director, i worked 10 years @ Ubisoft Montreal where i was in charge of art direction for Myst IV Revelation Naruto rise of a ninja and James Cameron's Avatar the game. Now working in UK @ Frontier Developments.

Happy to be part of the big family, ill post more works and concepts soon, here are some of the personnal works i made over the last years.

more can be seen here:






Bat creature 2

A new WED clay bust nearly finished.


My Stuff


Recent Dungeons & Dragons pieces

Some recent pieces done for Dungeons & Dragons are now out. One was for the Dungeon Magazine #181 and the other for Dungeon Magazine #185. Lots and lots of nasty evil reptile monsters. Can't ask for better assignments! I have included some links to blog posts regarding the process on the first piece.


Sea Demon's Shrine © 2010 Wizards of the Coast

Sea Demon Shrine process (part 1)

Sea Demon Shrine process (part 2)


Warriors of the Poison Dusk © 2010 Wizards of the Coast


Super Meat Boy pc cover

Just finished this for Team Meat for their new game Super Meat Boy. They're going to release a limited run of physical copies for pc soon w/this cover. Check it out if you enjoy the game!

Process + more info on the game here!