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It's been way too long since I posted a critter on here, and since I recently found out again how much fun a simple pencil and piece of paper can be I figured I'd do a sketch of a critter. There's not really much thought that went into this piece, other than that I wanted to give it a bit of a pose with attitude :P 

Don't think I'll do a fully shaded background anytime soon anymore though, it's a pain to shade with a small pencil... 



latest bits and bobs

A few bits of artwork that have kept me busy of late.


This guys made from Super Sculpey and Sculpey firm mixed 50\50 and is roughly

12" tall.


 Maya and zbrush


Zbrush and Maya 





Trying something new

Trying to find ways to break out of my normal creature design niches that i constantly draw from.

Hope you enjoy.

The lore of this creature is based upon the idea that this humanoid creature was often found in the middle east and was called "the childern of the dragon", yet had no actual relationship to dragons. They actually took strong offense to the saying as they were proud of their race and didn't wish to be associated with the dragons which they found to be ignorant beasts, such as man would protest being called apes.


Alien bust.

How original! yet another alien bust.:)


The Henrich Emille Cuboids

“A series of ancient black granite-like sentient cuboids, found in the ruins of a pre-human structure in Northern Sabha, Africa, by Robert Emille and Herbert Henrich. Made from an unknown exotic mineral. In one side of each cuboid is a coiled hole. by looking into the hole, it is immediately noticeable that the internal space is larger than the outside. Exposure to these objects causes conical shaped holes to open in the flesh. Known as Foris spiralis crystallina or Coil Syndrome. These wounds appear to occupy other planes of reality, not unlike the space within the cuboids.”


More pictures and story at

Just a quick note to say that I am looking for a new studio to work from in East London, If anyone has a space or knows of a space please get in touch at

I am also looking to take my work to a new medium of interactive experience. I am looking for hands on working, maquettes, set design etc. This is a passion project, so no cash as of yet but if it works out, who knows. If you are interested in getting involved, email me at the above email. cheers! alex




Rotten Soul Thug


Just a pic I did to have a break from painting harder stuff..



Succubus #1


Weird Monster, Fabulous Shoes


Cephalophant Monster

The latest creature from my sketchbook...




found this while cleaning up...old old pic of painted dino guy. I's something.



A new 6 inches tall bust i'm working on.




some sfuff



The Morae River - Solo Exhibition 

Wasn't sure if I should post something like this....

This November I will be having a solo exhibition at Sagebrush Cafe.

The show will be up from November 20th to February 11th. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, Nov. 20th and 5pm if anyone can make it out to see the show! It will be lots of fun and I’m very excited to be showing in this space as it belongs to an amazing friend of mine. The work I will be displaying will all be fore sale and I will have smaller unframed prints as well. If you live in the L.A. area, Sagebrush is very easy to get to. If you live in the area I hope you can make it out to see the show – there will be plenty of good drinks!

also, I noticed that for some reason I posted Battlecat like 3 seperate times. Sorry about that, there must have been a file name problem or my short term memory is failing. :P probably the second one...Thanks!


been awhile

It's been some time since i posted, mainly due to getting deep into studies of female anatomy and my job getting most of my art attention as of lately. Figured i could take a short break from the studies and Make a fun creature to post.


I dubbed this creature "the blind storm", this creature is a desert dweller who carries a large static charge. As the creature is born it's eyes quickly go blind over the years and relies on sensing electricity in other animals near by. This creature will often search for prey with a high residence of energy within them, as the creature can amplify its own static charge within the prey to stun them.

In the act of coitus males will often kill the females as their static charges are usually more extreme than the females'. The species makes up for this by having roughly a 3 times as likely chance to birth females than males. The females who do survive will often birth a litter of 5 to 10 pups. The mother will quickly abandon the pups in different locations, this is to avoid risk of their static charges conflicting with each others'.

Hope you enjoy.