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- Helpful Bear Production's Launchs Kaiju Creature Design Contest, Judged By Terryl Whitlatch  


Couple new sketches

I promise I'll start putting up more color work. 

However, my promises are usually lies, so believe me at yr own risk.


Some Recent Work

Some recent creature work...


Cow from the hell


Long time no see here :)

I have been studying painting but it is not changed a lot

I imagine this from photography

and I make a blogspot

come and see~


Dark Matter Crusader

Hi everyone, I wanted to share my latest image; this started out as a doodle, then after some time working on it I felt like it has some potential so I worked on it more seriously. The idea was to create a fleshy alienish creature, looking for nice patterns and experimenting a bit and of course having some fun :)

I imagined this situation where you are in an alien spaceship and you see around the corner this creature looking at you... and you start thinking "wrong time, wrong place" :)

Hope you like it!



Some of my recent beasties

Hey all my name is Chun, I go by bel696 around the forums.

I just want to say amazing work all around, I'm quite new around these parts and would like to share some of my work for everyone to see. Most of these are from creature activities around the forums, which really sparked my interest in creature design again.

Also I'd like to say I'm free for freelance you can contact me at:

My portfolio:

Hope you all enjoy!






Sketchbook Front Cover

The nifty sketchbook I bought earlier this year, which is made so you can sketch on the cover, is now finished, as far as doing the cover art. I expect I should start filling its pages now. ;)


Creatures made for "RPG-Creatures"

Hi, people!

My name is Nicholas Cloister and I'm very happy to be part of Creature Spot. My name has been on the list for a while now, but this is my first post here! I've been freelancing periodically for about 3 years now, and I enjoy making creature concepts more than anything (at least when it comes to painting...) 

I currently work as a concept artist/illustrator on a couple of projects, but when I have time over I try to develop new creatures for my blog 'RPG-Creatures'.  

What you see below are some highlights from that blog. If you want a full description of these creatures you can find it there. Enjoy, and take care! The world is full of monsters...





Some Random Creature-Based Noodlings...

Just a coupluv moments from some recent watercolor-pencil skritchery that I thought you guys might like.


Alice Stuff

Great work all around this site, thumbs up!

Here's some of my work I did on Alice

For more of my work go to


Preview of things to come.

I have posted in awhile so i thought i'd give a little preview of what i've been up to!



He's so happy to see you, he will cover you in kisses. ^ _ ^

Here's the original, less cute version:


And here's the Original First version, which is rendered a bit differently:


Some (Finally) New Art

Sorry. I got a girlfriend now, and as such, I've sacrificed producing personal art so I could focus on her. I've managed to start working a schedule that gives me more art time, so here's a few recents. I may have posted the tree/bird one before, but this one is touched-up if I have. I'll double check and delete my least favorite version. 

I can't believe how awesome this place is. I'm really loving the sculpture! I wanna try! You guys rocketh.


Old alien.

Hi everyone,  here's a translucent resin bust i finished today.





PLANET to PLANET - creatures and strange worlds

Hey guys,

I would have liked to have some new work to post along with this little plug but I'm plugging it anyway. Planet to Planet - is a collective of sketches by concept artist Mike Corriero including hundreds of pencil and pen drawings covering robots, environments, alien life forms and tons of creatures.

A collection of hundreds of my sketches have been compiled into a small 67 page collectible art "sketchbook" that can be Ordered Here: for those of you who order the book I'd appreciate a small review on lulu and rating if you have the time. Thanks, hope you enjoy it. COUPON CODE: FreeShip


and if we ever meet in person and you have the book, I'll draw something in one of the blank pages.



Paint test.

This is the sculpt painted in photoshop.