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Z brush +photoshop.





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This was done for my friend Francisco Ruiz Velasco and his short film Infestation.

3d Studio max, photoshop, zbrush





kekai you are a hard man to follow up, but i love seeing your work here :)

here's an ice creature.



Guild Wars 2

Davi rminded me I have been MIA from here, I am here to make some amends. A few concepts I have done for GW2.


Zoth 'nothul Sculpting Timelapses

Hi everyone,

some times ago I recorded a full timelapse video of me sculpting this demon called Zoth 'nothul; it covers all the steps from the base mesh to final detailing. Davi asked me to post them here and I'm very glad to contribute to this great community with some videotutorials!

Hope you guys find it interesting, looking forward for some amazing tutorials also from the 2d folks here eheh!

Zoth' nothul - Session 01: Blocking from Federico Scarbini on Vimeo.


Zoth' nothul - Session 02: Roughing Out Muscles from Federico Scarbini on Vimeo.


Zoth' nothul - Session 03: Working on Legs, Feet and Hands from Federico Scarbini on Vimeo.


Zoth' nothul - Session 04: Working on Torso, Arms and Face from Federico Scarbini on Vimeo.


Zoth' nothul - Session 05: Check Proportions and refining face. from Federico Scarbini on Vimeo.


Zoth' nothul - Session 06: Refining Arms and Hands from Federico Scarbini on Vimeo.


Check out more 3d tutorials like this at


Dan Newman Intro

Hello, my name is Daniel Newman. Currently I am a 23 year old living in Blackstone Massachusetts. I graduated from Providence College with a B.S. in biology and a minor in studio art. In addition to my job as a lab technician, I have enrolled myself into a Natural Science Illustration Certificate Program at Rhode Island School of Design. I’ve always had a great interest in biology, zoology, and evolution and it is through my art that i try to express that wonder and curiosity. My works often feature fictional creatures or beings that are bizarre but simultaneously based upon a background of anatomy and evolutionary theory. To help improve my design skills, I have worked on a long term project to produce one creative work a week for an entire year. The works that I have submit are all from this project. I hope you enjoy them.

My works can also be found @


Coupla New Ones

Man, this site is taking off and kicking some serious ass.

First one's an unfortunate victim of his own stupidity on another planet with a plethora of creatures feasting on his dead ass, while the second, which may not be technically classified as a creature to some is my entry for DA's new contest. To much fun not to put up.

Two more entries into these hallowed halls. Keep up the great work you awesome artists you.

Here's another one I just wrapped up for the same contest.

Ended up doing three.



Hey, everyone! Long time no see. I'm enrolled in TAD now, so I haven't had time to do any in depth, finished creature rendering. However, I have been sketching, as you can see, and I've become quite enamored with pen and ink.

This last image is part of a project I'm slowly developing. It's a strange sci-fi reimagining of the Super Mario universe. These are goombas.:)




Hello everybody

This is my first post here, and Im very excited about this.
there is so much incredible artworks here, Im honoured to contribute =)
I am Piero Vianello, an italian illustrator. It is  one year I started painting, and Im falling in love with this world. At the moment Im still studying hard to learn all I can.
Sometimes I do commissions to pay bills but until now, nothing so cool to be mentioned  here.   


Morning Drawings

Some more drawings from my morning sessions.



I'm too lazy to have an alt name for him. When I started this color sketch, it looked like a monkey-man. Inevitably he changed to a skeletal-winged dude, but oh well. Birthday sketch for a friend of mine. :)


imaginefx 63

this image was created for imaginefx 63


Tree eater

Long time no post.  Found time to mess around with a new critter.  Hope you like!


Chubby vampire