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Succubus #2 The Scrivener


A bunch!

I will be teaching a class in January at red engine studios :D sign up for it. The flyer is on my blog -- There is also other outstanding artists you guys can learn from as well! Check it out.


My Creature Updates

Hello All!  Long time no post.  I wanted to upload some of the newer stuff I've been working on.  Here are a mishmash of clay and digital works.


Misfit Monsters Redeemed

I got to update the infamous Dungeons and Dragons monster, the Tojanida, for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Misfit Monsters Redeemed recently. The book is finally out and here are the Tojanida pieces I contributed to the project. Always fun to get a chance to update a classic critter and give it my own spin.


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RPG-Creatures, the latest additions. 


These are the latest creatures added to my expanding online bestiary.
At RPG-Creatures they are featured with system independant stats and thorough descriptions.

I hope to increase the rate of new additions during 2011, and push myself creativly.

For now, there are 22 creatures, and at least one or two more births to be expected before Christmas.

Many thanks to Creature Spot and all the participants! One of my favourite places on the web! 




Comments are welcome!

/Nicholas Cloister


Close Encounter


First of all, i'd like to congratulate the Creature Spot community for the awesome and inspiring pictures that have been posted here. Very talented people!

My name is Clement Renaudin and i'm working in a visual effects compagny in Paris. I've drawn these during my free time. I'm really into fantastic, science-fiction and creatures so i'd like to share some .

There will be more in the future.

I hope you 'll enjoy .

(my blog : FlatClem )




This is a sculpt i'm working on.Obviously  Not from my imagination  but still a creature :)


Preserved Ornithosaur, the origin of flight



Caught on the Amazonian Plateau in 1912 by Professor Challenger, this example of a small bipedal carnivore displaying protofeathers is a fascinating evolutionary milestone - the adaptation of scales which would eventually lead to flight. The Plateau sports its very own temporal anomaly, allowing sporadic migrations of species from various points in the past. These species either flourish or die in this bizarre ecosystem. The RSPPS (the Royal society for the protection of prehistoric species) was established to protect and prohibit any unlawful trade of these fine animals.


A Creature Bust

Hi again,

I just finished this and wanted to share it with everyone here. ..

It's a creature bust I did for my portfolio/ for fun. I created the base meshes of the bust, ears and teeth in Maya, detailed in ZBrush and colored in photoshop. I added more textures in photoshop, as well as the eye, hair and saliva. Trying to push my speed and quality, and hope to maintain it with future posts here.

Thanks again Davi and the Creature Spot community!


 The Model below... and close up of upper and lower interior of mouth. :D



Planet to Planet - Black Friday 50% off + Prints

Davi thought it would be a good idea to post this offer on here. Thanks Davi

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You can head to Parka Blogs to see a flip through of portions of the book and some interior previews as well. Check for the review here: ParkaBlogs - Planet to Planet

I might as well also mention there are 15 prints up for sale on zazzle. If you're interested in purchasing prints just head to the store located here: The Art of Mike Corriero Prints


Alphabestiary beasties

The Angha, commonly known as the Simurgh, from Persian mythology.

She's a benevolent fertility figure who hangs out in Hom, the Tree of Life. She's so old she's seen the world destroyed three times over, and knows all knowledge. She figures heavily in Sufi poetry as a manifestation of God, but was culturally assimilated into the Arabic tradition and became known as the Roc. Aspects of her also resemble the phoenix.

this is an entry for the Alphabestiary blog: [link]

Not too happy with this one, I lost my job last week, and in the jumble, I lost the large-sized file of this drawing. Slapped a quick color pass on, and there ya go! D:

The Bush Dai Dai is a succubus-like creature from the Afro-Caribbean tradition of Guyana. she prowls around the camps around Guyanese mines and seduces the miners into the woods, where she has her way with them, transforms into a terrible hybrid beast, and eats them.

The Dai Dai is classified as a Jumbee, a categorization of evil spirits of the Caribbean. These spirits are unique in that they draw on African, Amerindian, East Indian, Dutch, English, and even Chinese mythology. Crazy!

another quick-color pass critter. meh.


Finlathian YinYang


another creature done and not submitted in time for a cghub contest D: - the prompt was to make two creatures dependent on each other locked in a symbiotic life, from "birth".
kinda sorta.

my concept was that the two creatures - the giant prow-headed walker and the lumpy tentacley sac - are born together but that the sac is initially an internal digestive organ. it's the product of an internalized parasite that has reached symbiosis over the millenia.

after a quick and violent juvenile period as ground-layer scavengers, the young prow-head reaches physical maturity and rockets into a gargantuan size. during this time, however, it stops feeding altogether.

the stream of hormones essentially aggrandizes the sac-creature and it grow splits the skin and becomes the primary feeding organ for the prow-head. this enables the prow-head to sustain its huge bulk safely from the height of the canopy, and the sac-creature to have a safe vessel to transport itself with.

i didnt quite work it all out - reproduction was a mess i didnt want to tangle with, lol.
but i ran out of time. alas.



Creature Concept - "Deities of the Primal Ocean"

Hello everyone!

This is my first post on CREATURE SPOT. My name is Maury Ruiz, and I work as a concept artists mostly dealing with creature design. I'm glad to be apart of this site and will be posting more soon. Thanks again...

This is a somewhat quick creature concept I created in ZBrush. I created the composite and colored it in photoshop, as well as the background/layout.

There is some Naga influence here: 

The nagas are an ancient race of semi divine serpent creatures beings first depicted in ancient Vedic Hindu mythology and oral folklore from at least 5000 B.C.

Stories involving the Nagas are omnipresent in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and still very much a part of contemporary cultural traditions in predominantly Hindu (India, Nepal, and the island of Bali) and Buddhist (Sri-Lanka and South-East Asia) regions of Asia. Both regions have birthed numerous legends about the fabled race of Nagas and their sometimes benevolent, sometimes wrathful, interactions with the creatures of both heaven and earth.



Swamp Dragon 

Hi there !
Here is a concept sculpting of a creature that i design. The Swamp Dragon.
He has a broad tail for swiming, short legs to stay at low profile in shallow waters.He can't fly, his wings are more for protection and to threaten any predadors or competition for territory or female.
He also have some small depressions in the lateral of his necks that serve for sense the eletro-magnetic field of his preys in the water.
I started with some 2d sketches, than i went for zbrush all the way ( sculpting, polypaint and render), final comp in photoshop.
Hope you like !



It's been way too long since I posted a critter on here, and since I recently found out again how much fun a simple pencil and piece of paper can be I figured I'd do a sketch of a critter. There's not really much thought that went into this piece, other than that I wanted to give it a bit of a pose with attitude :P 

Don't think I'll do a fully shaded background anytime soon anymore though, it's a pain to shade with a small pencil...