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been awhile

It's been some time since i posted, mainly due to getting deep into studies of female anatomy and my job getting most of my art attention as of lately. Figured i could take a short break from the studies and Make a fun creature to post.


I dubbed this creature "the blind storm", this creature is a desert dweller who carries a large static charge. As the creature is born it's eyes quickly go blind over the years and relies on sensing electricity in other animals near by. This creature will often search for prey with a high residence of energy within them, as the creature can amplify its own static charge within the prey to stun them.

In the act of coitus males will often kill the females as their static charges are usually more extreme than the females'. The species makes up for this by having roughly a 3 times as likely chance to birth females than males. The females who do survive will often birth a litter of 5 to 10 pups. The mother will quickly abandon the pups in different locations, this is to avoid risk of their static charges conflicting with each others'.

Hope you enjoy.



Hello world

Hello! I'm very excited to be a part of this amazing blog,  I've been following it for a long time and I am very honored to be asked to contribute.

Quick bio: I worked at Rhythm & Hues as a Look Development TD ( painting textures, writing shaders and fiddling with fur) on a bunch of movies and commercials. I'm currently not working, so hopefully there will be a lot more updates from me.





Stan's Diary

Hi everybody, I'm a newbie here and very honored to be involved with such talented artists like you guys !

Here it is some samples of my work, I do it just for fun and pleasure. I used to do a monster a day on my blog during 2 years and now I try to do more ambitious stuffs !  Hope you'll like it !


Stilt-Legged Thing


handy zombie chart!

Stuff here is looking great! Here's a handy chart I messed with while working on L4D2. See more at my little site...


First Post

Heyo!  My name's Allison Theus and I'm a freelance artist.  I recieved a BFA at Carnegie Mellon and went on to get a masters at CMU's Entertainment Technology Center in games industry-related stuff.  I've worked for a couple people here and there, on projects ranging from Spectrobes II to Warhammer.  Creatures are my passion, so it's an honor to be here with all you guys!

Most of my recent stuff is under NDA, but here are some favs:

Rasknitt's Minions - A Skaven piece done for Warhammer Fantasy's Edge of Night expansion.

An entry for the Splice contest over on DA.

And some personal doodling.

Oh, you can also catch me over on DeviantArt under BeastofOblivion.  Thanks for looking!


Paizo Creatures

Just a few quick creatures/characters for Paizo Publishing done about 5 months ago..




This is the finished painted resin cast.



Laptop needs a head-pat.


Kashivan `stuff`

Hello to all!
You may know me as Kashivan (Kashubo Ivan).. but may be not^^ anyway!... Currently - I am the Lead Concept Artist in the video games industry.
I like to draw something "horror" and "freaky fantasy" in my spare time.
I hope you all will enjoy my staff^^

p.s. It is nice to be the part of Creaturespot !!









This is a creature from Filipino folk tales. Its a type of vampire that love to eat babies still in their mother's womb. Hope you guys like it :)


man its been a while since I visited .. soo much cool work..



Hi everyone,

here's the painted fat zombie in resin and next to it is what's left from it after molding, changed in to a demon type bust.



Cthulhu sculpt

Dear Creature Spot members and viewers.

This is my take on that good old H.P. Lovecraft deity Cthulhu.

My inspiration was giant squids, instead of the human like head and eye orientation he is usually depicted with. Squids have these squinty eyes and slanted slim pupils with eyes placed high above their head, giving them an almost arrogant cold stare, something I felt Cthulhu would definitely have. Large gills and various sucking cups, water intake holes and weird outer-worldly physiognomy gives him a strange aquatic feel too. I toyed a bit with some extra tentacles that I could attach later on to the mask, but practicality won over design and I gave him more of cluster of tentacles.

He was sculpted in water based clay over a head armature and will be made into a two part plaster mold, where I can cast latex masks out of. The mask itself will be available from my homepage in a month or so.





Lastly a little Halloween special- a small Werewolf mask sculpt also made in water based clay. It was made into a latex mask later and used for some theater in Copenhagen

There are something about his lines and his look that may have been inspired from Rick Bakers fantastic design work on "American Werewolf in London" but I tried to make this my own style as well.


I hope you like my work and will give my homepage a visit.

And yes, I'm available for work and will travel...;)

      Anders Lerche.






This is my first post on Creature Spot.  Man, there are some amazing artists on this site!   Here's a few of my sculptures going back from 2007 to the present.   By the way, the chicken's name is Arthur.