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First Magic Stuff

Did my first set of Magic: The Gathering cards about a year ago and have been working on em since :). Always wanted to work on the cards so it was pretty cool to see them finally get released. Even though I'm not really feelin them as much as I did when I finished... Still fun though :D.


And yes, the second one looks totally like Alien. I was given a silhouette  that looked alien like so I just ran with it :).

Got the Process for both cards on my blog <--here



Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers

I had two creatures in the recent release in Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Chronicles: City of Strangers. Really had a lot of fun with the troll and his innards. If you want to get more info on these you can find it on my blog HERE as well as see my pieces from the book that were not creatures HERE.




Sewer Dwelling Monster

Illustration done for an article on creature design and development for the December 2010 Issue of the 3D Creative Magazine.
I was asked to design from scratch a monster given an habitat, the sewer in my case. I did a lot of researches about the environment and the features of the animals that live on this habitat and then I developed a belivable creature based on my studies.

Hope you like it!


Recent Monsters and links

Hello all! I am another recent addition to Creaturespot and I am thrilled to be a listed amoung so many other outstanding artists.

A little about myself... I got my start designing creatures and makeup for television and movies. Worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly as well as many low budget horror movies. I now work in the gaming industry both the table top and video varieties. Some of my clients include Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, and Fantasy Flight Games. I of course specialize in monsters and creatures.

If you would like to see more of my work, please visit my WEBSITE (going through some changes), BLOG (updated 3 times a week) or over on DeviantArt.




Hi guys, I'm brand new here.

I just finished this piece today, he's part of a series I've been working on for the past year or so called 'Horrors of Literature'. I'm working towards drawing 50 of them and then compiling them into a book of some kind. Cthulhu makes number 40.

I tried to steer away from the traditional Cthulhu look and be a bit creative when I read the story.

You can view the rest of the series on my blog, or flickr.

Thanks for looking!

(First post so sorry if anythings incorrect, still learning)


Recent Beasties and New Blog

Hey all here are some of my new illustrations, hope everyone likes them.

Also check out my new blog:


First Posting!

Hey all!

I'm new around here; my name's Nicholas Kole and I work as a character and concept artist for 38 Studios.

I figure I should post the most recent backlog of my creature-related work. I am sad that this is all over a year old by now...all of my most-recent work is strictly NDA'd...but as soon as the embargo lifts, I'll post it here :)

Hope you guys like em :D

EDIT: Oh, and you can find more of my stuff at: and


Glad to be here!




Bunch of monsters and creatures

Hey guys, my name is Frederik Storm, I'm 19 years old, I live in Denmark and is currently a student at the danish school animwork. I consider myself to be a character/creature designer and digital sculptor/modeler.

Let me start of with my latest project, which is a 3 monster doodles made each in just around 2 hours:

And a video with my workflow:

Monsters in motion - time lapse part 01 from Frederik Storm on Vimeo.


Monsters in motion - time lapse part 02 from Frederik Storm on Vimeo.


Also one of my latest projects was being a beta tester for pixologic, which allowed me to create these models.

Space Rhino:

Rocket turtle:

and this is an older image I did for a contest:

Currently I'm working working on a creature/character for a challenge, which I'll definitely upload here once it it done. Actually I can't wait :)

And of cause, more stuff at my site:

Hope you guys like these creatures, and I'm just super excited to be a part of this wonderful site!

(edit: trying to figure out how to make the images links to the highress image, so for now just find them on my site)


Fresh meat

Hi all! I'm a new artist here at creaturespot - you can see my website at

I'm a general designer and freelance illustrator, and I like drawing monsters.  Here are a few of my creatures:


Tuber Troll

Hello, everyone! I'm Kim Feigenbaum and I am quite excited to be a new addition here on the Creature Spot. I am a freelance illustrator from the US and have been making all sorts of weird critters as far back as I can remember. Most of my work is produced using traditional media, such as gouache and watercolor, and I have a particular fondness for graphite.

The sketch and final illustration below were inspired by a sweet potato that was growing sprouts in my kitchen.




Materials used: gouache, watercolor, and ink.





Z brush +photoshop.





Click to see hires format

This was done for my friend Francisco Ruiz Velasco and his short film Infestation.

3d Studio max, photoshop, zbrush





kekai you are a hard man to follow up, but i love seeing your work here :)

here's an ice creature.



Guild Wars 2

Davi rminded me I have been MIA from here, I am here to make some amends. A few concepts I have done for GW2.