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- Helpful Bear Production's Launchs Kaiju Creature Design Contest, Judged By Terryl Whitlatch  

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Tea & Creatures Sketchbook 

Hey folks! This weekend I'll be exhibiting some work at Spectrum Art Live in Kansas City. I have a new sketchbook that will be debuted at the show!

I'm excited to see everyone there. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and say hello! :)

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Magma and Teeth

Hey folks! Here are a few more doodles and concepts I don't think I've shared here before. I've updated my website with a clean, new look! You can check it out here: 

Alien Concept 

Werewolf Concept 



Thanks for looking! :) 



Creature Head Studies

Hey everybody, my name is Scott and this is my first post here.  I've been pretty busy this past year settling into a new job in a new town, but I'm excited to share some new stuff in the coming months.  I really enjoy checking out everyone's work, thanks for the inspiration.