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Okotto, Nago, Beautiful and Strong

A few months ago I have the absolute pleasure for creating work for a Miyazaki Tribute show at SketchPad Gallery in San Francisco. I decided I'd illustrate Nago from Princess Mononoke in his peaceful form, before he lost himself. I produced two original pieces in the creation of this illustration; a pencil and a painting.

The pencils I use tend to be on the softer side and don't do well with lots of painting over top, especially on a painting this detailed. So instead, once the pencil is finished, I scan it in and reprint it as a giclee print on hot press watercolor paper. This way, I can preserve my pencil work underneath the gouache. 

I tend to layer quite a bit with gouache, staining and building up values slowly. Overall, this piece took about 3-4 days to complete. Here's the final image: 

The final image measures 9x12 and is gouache on hot press watercolor paper. Thanks so much for looking! 


Imagine FX Animal & Creature Drawing Series! 

Hey all! Imagine FX's January issue (131) concludes my Animal & Creature Drawing series! I talk about building forms with col-erase pencils and how to use my previous seven lessons to make and flesh out aspects of a creature. You can check them out in Imagine FX's current issue and past issues. (131-125) 


New RPG Work

Hey Everyone! Long time, no post! Here are a few new pieces that have been released as part of Bestiaries for both Pathfinder and Numenera. 

Terredel original creature concept and illustration for Monte Cook Game's "Into the Dark" Campaign Setting.

Mujidavari original creature concept and illustration for Monte Cook Game's "Into the Dark" Campaign Setting.

The Su - illustrated for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Bestiary 5, pencil & digital.

Digmaul illustration for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Bestiary 5, pencil & digital.

Giant Caterpillar illustrated for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Bestiary 5, pencil & digital.



Hey all, found an old concept from 2012


Spinemangler Broodmother

New personal work.

More at



Creepy Creature Pencils 

Hey folks! I have more pencil work to show! Here are a few creepy creatures:

Kaiju Head Design

Wendigo Concept 

Yog-Sothoth Concept

More work coming soon! Thanks for looking! :) 


a doodle 

Getting back into regular doodling of critters, so here's something which squirted out.  Also done on my lovely new companion, which is a great device!



Inspired by the recent trailer for Godzilla and had to do my own take on the legendary Kaiju! 

Heres the origial pencil drawing and a process gif: 


Here's a detail: 

Thanks for looking! :) 


Indigenous Deku

An interpretation on what real Deku might look like living deep in the forest. In the Legend of Zelda universe the Deku are a race of humanoid plant-like beings that often co-exist with other races. The term Deku often refers to certain plants or plant based items as well.



Ruminian Priestess

Dwelling deep in the forests, ruminians are an extremely shy sapient race. They have keen senses so it is very rare to ever see one. Ruminians are herbivorous, very spiritual and generally peaceful. Their coats usually come in shades of brown and grey, but white is the rarest and revered in the ruminian culture. White ruminians often hold a holy status. What you are witnessing is most likely a ruminian priestess.


New work

Hello! Here's two new creature images. Hope you like them =)


First post - Creatures by Einar Martinsen

Hello guys! I just joined the site and this is a short introduction about me.

My name is Einar Martinsen, I live in Norway and I'm working at a studio as a VFX/Concept artist/ Matte painter. I'm going to post some of my work here now, and some more later on.

I also have a youtube channel with quick paintings and such. Feel free to check it out =)





Tea & Creatures Sketchbook 

Hey folks! This weekend I'll be exhibiting some work at Spectrum Art Live in Kansas City. I have a new sketchbook that will be debuted at the show!

I'm excited to see everyone there. If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and say hello! :)

(Booth 812) 


Magma and Teeth

Hey folks! Here are a few more doodles and concepts I don't think I've shared here before. I've updated my website with a clean, new look! You can check it out here: 

Alien Concept 

Werewolf Concept 



Thanks for looking! :) 



creature/ alien head