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- Helpful Bear Production's Launchs Kaiju Creature Design Contest, Judged By Terryl Whitlatch  

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A new and old dragon.

This fella was done for a pitch.


and this guy was just done for fun  :)  He's scouting for some prey...



Red boxer

Hello everyone ^^
Here is a adorable Red Boxer.
HNY everyone \(°o°)/


Imagine FX Animal & Creature Drawing Series! 

Hey all! Imagine FX's January issue (131) concludes my Animal & Creature Drawing series! I talk about building forms with col-erase pencils and how to use my previous seven lessons to make and flesh out aspects of a creature. You can check them out in Imagine FX's current issue and past issues. (131-125) 


New RPG Work

Hey Everyone! Long time, no post! Here are a few new pieces that have been released as part of Bestiaries for both Pathfinder and Numenera. 

Terredel original creature concept and illustration for Monte Cook Game's "Into the Dark" Campaign Setting.

Mujidavari original creature concept and illustration for Monte Cook Game's "Into the Dark" Campaign Setting.

The Su - illustrated for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Bestiary 5, pencil & digital.

Digmaul illustration for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Bestiary 5, pencil & digital.

Giant Caterpillar illustrated for Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder Bestiary 5, pencil & digital.


Unicornised concepts

Hey everyone ^^

After spending real good time at the THU workshop, I came from there with fresh motivation at doing what I really like to do, characters.

Last year it was pretty the same, a serie of 3 characters emerged from this, and now this little serie, only focused on a more traditional feeling and value.

Hope you'll like it, maybe more on the way ;)

Find more at



Dungeons & Dragons

Hey everyone! Thought I'd share some Dungeons & Dragons work from 2013. These illustrations were created for the 5th Edition Monster Manual. Each monster was illustrated using pencil, watercolor and photoshop.


You can see more on my website here:



Sect of the Ophitæ

Hi Everyone!

I'm really excited to share these creature concepts that I had a lot of fun putting together. Here is some of the info for the Title / Concept:

Word Origin and History for ophidian

"pertaining to snakes," 1883, from Greek ophidion, diminutive of ophis "serpent" (see ophio- ). Hence, ophiolatry "serpent-worship" (1862), and the 2c. sect of the Ophitæ, who revered the serpent as the symbol of divine wisdom.

More to see here:



Happy Holidays! 

Hey folks! Just a quick post to wish you all a Lovely Holiday Season and Happy New Year! Hope it was fun and relaxing for everyone! :) 


cave troll


Little Sand Runners

I've recently updated The Red Valley Newsletter with some scribbles. Little Sand Runners are on the drawing board these days. I've been sketching them everywhere, trying to pinpoint their design. It's been lots of fun sketching run cycles and motions as I'd imagine they'd be quite agile and fast. 


These little sand runners will most likely inhabit the Gul Dunes, toward the northern reaches of The Red Valley. I really like the idea of mouth display in which individuals might have territorial disputes by flashing their brightly colored mouths. 


A few things are clear: Their forepaws are modified with one large toenail, used for digging and for striking other individuals over food or territory. Smaller toes aid in holding food and onto each other. Their back legs are large and muscular to propel them forward. Wide padded feet keep them on top of the sand and are equipped with large claws for defense. They are smallish, about the size of a small rabbit and so are very timid and quick to react to most things. They'd be lots of fun to animate! 


In any case, they are coming along nicely and I'm hoping to combine them along with a sural in a new piece soon. 



My "traditional" sunday thing :3
So much teeth in it...


Numenera Creatures 

Hey folks! Here are two new creatures for Monte Cook's Numenera. The top is from the to be released "The Strange Corebook" and the lower is from the already released "Ninth World Guidebook." Thanks so much for looking! :) 



Hey folks! Here are a few sketches from the sketchbook to look at. I'm busy making lots more so stay tuned! ;) 

Thanks for looking! :) 


Spectrum Art Live! 

Hey folks! Quick update to let you know that I, along with plenty of other folks from this site, will be at Spectrum Art Live this weekend! :) 

It's going to be one hell of a show! Do check out the exhibitor's list to see who will be exhibiting and attend if you can. You can find more info here:

Here's a quick look at more creature drawings from my sketchbook! I'll have a these and others at the show for sale!

Quick rancor sketch for May the 4th. ;)


Anyway that's it for now! Thanks for looking! 



Endeavor Sketchbook

Hey folks! I have some news to share with you as well as a few sketches! First, I've just put my new sketchbook up for preorder! 

Endeavor Vol. 1 contains personal drawings, sketches and animal studies as well as process work for clients. It covers a variety of media including pencil, pen, marker, watercolor and photoshop. Comes Signed, 100 pages, full color printing, perfect bound, 6x9 inches.

Preorders of this book include a signed, limited edition giclée print of "The Monkey King" 8x10.

This offer ends on April 9th, Preorder the book here!

Here's a look at some new work! The Monkey King (which is included as a print with the book preorder) is my latest personal piece.

I've been getting back into adding more value into my pencil work lately as well:

Anyway, that's it for now! Thanks so much for looking! :)