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Recent Works - Monsters!

I have been swamped lately and realized I have not posted here for a little while... so here is a bunch of my recent work that has come out... and of course it is all monster related. RAWR!

P’an Ku - © 2013 Alderac Entertainment Group

Ungoliant's Spawn - © 2013 Fantasy Flight Games

Icetromper - © 2013 Fantasy Flight Games

Eye on the Realms: Forgotten in a Chest - © 2013 Wizards of the Coast

The Anatomy of Elemental Evil - © 2013 Wizards of the Coast

The Three Dragons - 24 x 14 - acrylic on board - © 2013 Christopher Burdett

Agathion Familiar - © 2013 Paizo Publishing

Angel Spell - © 2013 Paizo Publishing

Angelic Familiar - © 2013 Paizo Publishing

Shei - © 2013 Paizo Publishing

Tannagar - © 2013 Paizo Publishing

Rhunians Redesign - © 2013 Christopher Burdett

R'malk'i Redesign - © 2013 Christopher Burdett

R'malk'i Redesign - © 2013 Christopher Burdett

R'zahnians Redesign - © 2013 Christopher Burdett


Cthulhu Rampant

Here's Old Squidface on the rampage, a part of a series of preliminary character designs for a projected Lovecraft project. Graphite on vellum.




Some more creatures from Spheres with a break down

Hi all, I've been quite busy and had not had the chance to do a lot of creature work as of late, but I did crank this out in a two day time, so I hope you like it.  He is kinda cute I think. 

and a quick capture from zbrush:


Now I also wanted to show off a bit of process.  On this blog you get a great sense of what these images look like, but you don't really see a lot of sculpting as it happens.  I did a real-time video of myself sculpting a creature bust from a sphere.  I wanted to see how much I could do in under 20 min with no planning.  It was a bit of a test for myself, but I want to share it with all of you lovely people so that perhaps you can take something from it as well.

and a final image:

Once again my site is for other projects that I have done :)


Creature Head Studies

Hey everybody, my name is Scott and this is my first post here.  I've been pretty busy this past year settling into a new job in a new town, but I'm excited to share some new stuff in the coming months.  I really enjoy checking out everyone's work, thanks for the inspiration.