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- Helpful Bear Production's Launchs Kaiju Creature Design Contest, Judged By Terryl Whitlatch  

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Recent and not recent Star Wars work

It has been ages since I have posted and have missed posting a lot of work here. To get things going back in the right direction here is 17 Star Wars pieces that I have created recently and not so recently. The digital work is for the Fastasy Flight Games Star Wars properties and the tradtional work is for myself...

© 2014 Lucasfilm, Ltd. TM Lucasfilm, Ltd. Under license to Fantasy Flight Games and © 2014 Christopher Burdett


New batch of Dragons

Here are some new dragons on paper. These watercolor are made on Strathmore art trading cards so they are roughly 2.5" x 3.5" big. I hope you will like them !



Deep One and Chimera

I recently made time to work on several new traditional pieces. I wanted some new pieces to take with me to Illuxcon last month. The Deep One was my third completed traditional piece and the Chimera the forth. Both are 9 x 12 Acrylic on Masonite. Looking forward to getting my hands dirty again soon. Really happy with the Deep One, but I will let you decide for yourself...

Deep One
© 2012 Christopher Burdett

© 2012 Christopher Burdett